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The 2020 study group contributions may be downloaded as a single large file or as individual articles.

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The 2019 study group contributions may be downloaded as a single large file or as individual articles.

Full members of the Archaeological Textiles Study Group are expected to contribute one work, interpreted broadly, to the study group for posting on the website and for the Complex Weavers library.

A contribution can be a research paper, a book review, an annotated bibliography, a write-up of a textile you're studying or recreating, etc. We envision this broadly, as anything that will be of interest to the rest of the study group. Some CW study groups have sample exchanges; this group has a knowledge exchange.

Can't decide? Is there a particular area of archaeological textiles that you are interested in, either a time and place, or a type of textile? Start there!

Within that area, have you read a good research book lately? How about writing a review for the group? Or have you been to a museum, and studied and photographed a particular textile? Tell us about it. Maybe you've woven/braided/otherwise created a textile that is based on an archaeological or museum piece. Write up your notes and submit that. Even if it isn't done, a work in progress with lots of process information is interesting. Or maybe you can compile an annotated bibliography of your favorite sources. If you like doing research, more formal research papers are welcome, but they are not necessary.

What are you enthusiastic about? "Archaeological textiles" are very broadly defined for the purposes of this group, including pre-1700 textiles from archaeological, museum, or literary contexts.

Contributions will be placed on this website unless otherwise specified, and will be compiled annually for inclusion in the CW library.

Please send comments and questions to chair at archaeologicaltextiles dot net.