The Archaeological Textiles Study Group is an official Complex Weavers study group, founded in 2018 by Laura Thode and Sarah Goslee.

This group comprises everything from textile impressions in prehistoric ceramics to relics in cathedral treasuries, with an emphasis on textiles from before 1700 CE. Full members of the study group must also be members of Complex Weavers, but all are welcome to join the mailing list. Members are expected to contribute one article each calendar year.

If you are interested in joining this group, please sign up for the Google email list. Complex Weavers membership is not required.

There are currently no dues, and no physical sample exchanges are planned.

Complex Weavers

Complex Weavers is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of hand-weaving, to encourage weavers to develop their own creative styles, to inspire through research, documentation, and the sharing of innovative ideas. We challenge our skills and imagination by sharing information and innovations with our fellow weavers -- both directly and through our study groups, Seminars, Journal and biennial exhibition, Complexity.

We encourage everyone interested in textiles to join!